Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between SL-1000 and the SL-1000i ?

Their exterior size is the same. 26” high x 8” diameter. However the power of the motors are:

•   SL-1000: ¾ hp equivalent DC motor. This operator is rated for classes I, II, III, and IV for gate openings of up to 25’ and weight of 1000lbs.

•   SL-1000i: 1.2 hp equivalent DC motor. This operator is our Industrial model and rated in classes I, II, III, and IV with opening lengths of 40’ and weight of up to 2000lbs.

How many cycles a day can RGS operators perform?

•   The SL-1000r is rated at 200 cycles daily
•   SL-1000 and SL-1000i operators are rated continuous duty

Are RGS operators UL listed?

•   All RGS operators are UL compliant and ETL listed and open and close in approximately 1 foot per second.

What is the RGS rack gear made of and is it strong enough to withstand continuous duty action?

•   The RGS rack gear is machined from UHMW nylon composite.
•   Extremely strong and durable as well as UV resistant.
•   The RGS pinion gears are machined from solid billet aircraft grade aluminum.

Where are RGS operators built?

•   All machined parts are produced in Pensacola, Fl from aircraft grade aluminum.
•   Assembly and inspection are also performed in Pensacola.

What maintenance do RGS operators require?

  • RGS operators have fewer moving parts than other slide gate operators
  • The planetary gearmotors are a sealed unit
  • Commercial and industrial operators have double sealed upper and lower bearings
  • Residential operators have no external bearings outside the gearmotor
  • Magnetic limit switches never require adjustment
  • Rack and pinion drive design eliminates stretching and rusting chain

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did you know?

Pensacola Florida's U.S. Navy Blue Angels

Pensacola is not only home the U.S. Navy Blue Angels. All machined parts for RGS are produced here in Pensacola, Fl from aircraft grade aluminum

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